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Artis offers tailored transaction structuring and reliable capital markets execution. Typical engagements include:
  • Assessing key "market" strengths and weaknesses of an asset, portfolio or "blind pool" investment strategy

  • Determining investor or lender demand for capital allocation to strategies of a given risk/return profile

  • Targeting and prioritizing the most suitable institutional funding sources for a given asset or strategy

  • Facilitating and accompanying client principals on investor "road shows" to key markets in the US, Europe and Asia

  • Preparing offering materials, pitch books, financial modeling, cash flow projections, due diligence data rooms and, in collaboration with client counsel, joint venture agreements, term sheets and/or subscription documents

  • Negotiating and managing the due diligence and closing process

  • Assisting in post-closing relationship management with LPs, JV partners and lenders, including reporting and meeting preparation
Artis Advisors  
Artis Advisors